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    xBesh UI Roadmap

    xBeshUI v2.0.0 - "Blocks and Screens"

    In the upcoming major release of xBeshUI v2.0.0, we are thrilled to introduce a comprehensive set of ready-to-use UI blocks and screens. This feature will empower developers to quickly build and prototype user interfaces with minimal effort, enabling faster development cycles and increased productivity.

    Key Highlights:

    • Extensive library of pre-built UI blocks and screens.
    • Highly customizable and composable components.
    • Consistent design language and theming.
    • Responsive and accessible by default.
    • Comprehensive documentation and examples

    xBeshUI v2.0.1 - "Ready Apps UI"

    Building upon the foundation laid in v2.0.0, xBeshUI v2.0.1 will focus on providing ready-to-use UI components for common application features and functionalities. This release will include pre-built UI components for community platforms, e-commerce stores, marketing tools, workflow management, and more.

    Key Highlights:

    • Ready-to-use UI components for community platforms.
    • E-commerce store UI components (product listings, cart, checkout, etc.).
    • Marketing UI components (email templates, landing pages, etc.).
    • Workflow management UI components (task lists, kanban boards, etc.).
    • Seamless integration with existing xBeshUI components.
    • Comprehensive documentation and examples

    xBeshUI v2.0.2 - "Advanced Theming and Customization"

    In xBeshUI v2.0.2, we will introduce advanced theming and customization capabilities, allowing developers to create truly unique and tailored user experiences. This release will include powerful tools and APIs for theme creation, component styling, and design system management.

    Key Highlights:

    • Advanced theming system with built-in design tokens.
    • Streamlined component styling with CSS-in-JS support.
    • Design system management and documentation tools.
    • Improved accessibility and internationalization support.
    • Performance optimizations and code improvements

    xBeshUI v2.0.3 - "Enterprise-Ready Features and AI-Powered Development"

    The xBeshUI v2.0.3 release will focus on introducing enterprise-ready features and enhancements, as well as AI-powered development tools. This release will target larger organizations and enterprises, providing robust tools and components for building mission-critical applications with xBeshUI, while also offering innovative AI-assisted development capabilities.

    Key Highlights:

    • Advanced data visualization and charting components.
    • Enterprise-grade form components with advanced validation.
    • Robust table and data grid components.
    • Improved accessibility and internationalization support.
    • Enhanced performance and scalability for large-scale applications.
    • Comprehensive documentation and enterprise support options.
    • Expanded marketing UI components (email templates, landing pages, banners, etc.)
    • AI-powered component builder for rapid prototyping and development.
    • Integration with xBesh AI Engine for intelligent UI generation and customization

    xBeshUI v2.0.3 will not only cater to the needs of enterprises but also introduce a groundbreaking AI-powered component builder. This innovative tool will leverage the capabilities of the xBesh AI Engine, enabling developers to rapidly prototype and build user interfaces using natural language prompts or visual guidance. The AI-powered component builder will streamline the development process, accelerate time-to-market, and open up new possibilities for creating highly personalized and tailored user experiences. Thank you 🙏

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