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    Welcome to xBesh UI, , a modern React & NextJS UI library for the pragmatic developers. Imagine a UI framework as flexible and modern as you’ve always wished for, brought to life with the elegance of Tailwind CSS and the inspirational essence of Shadcn UI. xBesh UI isn't just a toolkit; it’s a gateway to creating interfaces that speak directly to the heart, ensuring every pixel on your screen contributes to a seamless, engaging, and truly delightful user experience. It's our promise to you — to make your development journey not just easier but also a lot more enjoyable, with designs that capture imaginations and turn visions into reality.


    Attention Developers: The xBesh UI Library is currently undergoing testing. It is not recommended for use in production environments at this time. Thank you for your cooperation.

    But xBesh UI is not just about creating beautiful designs; it's also about making the development process smoother and more efficient. With its library of pre-built components, you can save precious time by simply importing and using them in your projects. And with its seamless integration with React & NextJS, you can easily add complex functionality and interactions to your designs without any hassle.

    Furthermore, xBesh UI is constantly evolving and growing with the latest trends and technologies. Our team of dedicated developers and designers are continuously working to bring new features, updates, and improvements to the framework, so you can always stay ahead in the game. So why wait? Join the community of developers using xBesh UI and elevate your web development experience to the next level.

    Common questions related to xBesh UI

    What is xBesh UI?

    xBesh UI is a fully-featured React & NextJS UI library that combines the efficiency of Tailwind CSS and the innovative designs of Shadcn UI. It is not merely a collection of design elements but a comprehensive UI toolkit that can be installed via CLI tools such as bun, npm, pnpm, or yarn.

    How can I install xBesh UI in my project?

    You can install xBesh UI by using any of the CLI tools like npm, pnpm, yarn, or bun. For instance, to install with npm, you would use the command npm install xBeshUI. Replace npm with your preferred package manager.

    Are the components in xBesh UI customizable?

    Absolutely! xBesh UI is built with customization in mind. Leveraging the power of Tailwind CSS, you can easily modify and tailor the components to fit your design requirements.

    Can I use xBesh UI for commercial projects?

    Yes, xBesh UI is designed for both personal and commercial use, allowing developers to create engaging, efficient, and visually appealing web application

    What kind of components does xBesh UI provide?

    xBesh UI offers a wide range of pre-built components, including buttons, forms, modals, navigation bars, and much more, all designed to be fully responsive and accessible

    Is xBesh UI compatible with other libraries or frameworks?

    While xBesh UI is specifically designed for React & NextJS environments, We are actively working on expanding the capabilities of xBesh UI, with plans to release libraries for other JavaScript frameworks such as Vue, Nuxt, and more in the near future. This expansion will enable a wider range of developers to utilize our innovative designs and efficient coding structure, enhancing the development experience across different platforms. Stay tuned for these updates, as we continue to broaden the horizons of xBesh UI.

    How often is xBesh UI updated?

    Our team is committed to keeping xBesh UI on the cutting edge, regularly releasing updates for new features, bug fixes, and improvements in response to community feedback and technological advancements.

    Where can I find documentation for xBesh UI?

    Comprehensive documentation for xBesh UI is available on our website, which includes detailed guides on installation, component usage, customization options, and more

    Can I contribute to the xBesh UI project?

    Yes, we welcome contributions from the community! Whether it's adding new components, improving existing ones, or fixing bugs, we encourage you to contribute via our GitHub repository.

    Who should I contact for support or feedback?

    For support or to provide feedback, you can reach out to us through our official website's contact form or join our dedicated community forum where our team and fellow developers can assist you. We value your input and are always looking for ways to improve the xBesh UI experience.

    Is TypeScript supported by Xbesh UI?

    Yes, Xbesh UI is coded in TypeScript and provides complete support for it.

    What sets Xbesh UI apart from Tailwind CSS?

    Tailwind CSS: Tailwind CSS serves as a CSS Framework, offering atomic CSS classes to assist in styling components. This allows you to focus on various aspects such as accessibility, composing components, keyboard navigation, style overrides, and more.

    Xbesh UI : is a user interface (UI) library designed for React, bringing together the strengths of TailwindCSS and React Aria. It offers fully equipped components, including both logic and styles, for creating accessible and customizable interfaces. By leveraging TailwindCSS as its styling foundation,

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